ScreenSteps – Part 2

Mon, Mar 31

Revisiting where I left off in ScreenSteps Part 1, I had an interest to try the export to blog feature, for obvious reasons. When you chose to export to a blog, the content you create in ScreenSteps is uploaded to ScreenStepsLive, a hosting service specifically created for ScreenStep applications. Once the application content is uploaded, a block of HTML is generated, which you can then copy into a blog.

In order to make all this happen you need to create a ScreenStepsLive account, which ranges from free up to $149 per month, with the variations being number of users who can post lessons, storage space limitations, etc.

To see how the content would look when posting to this blog, I generated a ScreenSteps lesson, created an account on ScreenStepsLive and exported to each of the supported formats. The results are all shown below:



MacDeveloperTips Email Subscription

Step by step process to subscribe by email to


Step 1 – Browse to


Step 2 – Click on the ‘Tips by Email’ option


Step 3- Enter your email address and verification message and click Complete Subscription Request


Step 4 – Check your email for a subscription request confirmation

Click on the link in the confirmation email and you’re good to go!

As far as ease of use, I will say the copy/paste approach for use within a blog couldn’t be much easier, and I anticipate that the options for noodling with the content layout will continue to evolve with new releases of the software. ScreenSteps is an intriguing application for creating visual step-by-step guides.

Give it a try next time you are called upon from your non-techie friends or family for computer support :)