Screencasts with ScreenFlow – Part 2

Tue, Apr 8

I apologize this video is no longer available. I had a system crash on my web host and was unable to recover the video. To make matters more frustrating I no longer have a copy of ScreenFlow to recreate the video.

Apologies for any inconvenience.


In a previous post on using ScreenFlow, I demonstrated some of the basics of this unique application for creating screencasts. What follows is another video demonstrating how to record video separately from audio. Unless you’ve spent time creating a screencast, and have experienced the challenges that come with the same, you might not fully appreciate the value of this feature.

Let me put it this way, I often find it challenging to synchronize all the moving parts, from typing code, clicking the mouse to verbally describing what I’m trying to demonstrate, and if there’s a means to simplify the process, I’m there.

There are tools available for recording video and audio separately, and mixing the two into a final product. However, ScreenFlow offers these capabilities in one tool.

Have a look at the video below to see how I create an audio recording inside of ScreenFlow and merge this with a video recording:

In my short time in working with ScreenFlow, I’ve been impressed with both its ease of use (read, short learning curve) and the powerful and well thought out (and implemented) features to take away some of the pain of creating screencasts.


Hi, I can’t get the above video to play, it just won’t load in. I have tried it in Firefox and Safari, wih no luck. Really enjoying your videos on Screenflow so hope this can be fixed.

Many thanks.

by Richard on Jul 8, 2008. #

Hey John, nice Screenflow tutorials. It’s a cool app. One thing I’m having trouble with is the “Add Callout” feature. Whenever I click it, the app crashes. Does the same thing happen for you?

by Christopher on Jul 14, 2008. #

Hi Christopher, no I haven’t seen that problem. Have you tried to touch base with Vara Software, maybe they have a recommendation.

by john on Jul 14, 2008. #

Thanks for the 3 intros to screenflow.

PS : The video is no longer available.

by Didier on Aug 14, 2009. #