Screencasts with ScreenFlow – Part 1

April 7, 2008

This post is one in a series demonstrating a very intriguing application for creating screencasts, ScreenFlow. If you are currently creating screencasts on a Mac, or have considered doing so, you definitely need to give this a look.

In this post I will create three short screencasts, all created using ScreenFlow. The first will be a simple demonstration of a coding trick which is handy when working with column blocks in TextMate. The second will show how to make various modifications to the first video from within ScreenFlow, and the final will show the end result.

When watching the first video, understand that we haven’t done any editing as of yet, so the code/text is rather hard to read. This is even more pronounced in the second video where I demonstrate ScreenFlow to capture a video showing various editing features of ScreenFlow (it’s not as confusing as it sounds). Stick with me on this and I’ll make it right (click the image below to watch the first video)..

Now that we’ve captured the demonstration of the TextMate trick, we need to dive into some of the editing features of ScreenFlow to make the text more readable (click the image below to watch the video):

And with the changes complete, we can now see the final result (you know the drill):

Join me in the next post where I’ll demonstrate some additional features of ScreenFlow including how to record video separately from audio. If you’ve ever created a screencast, you’ll truly appreciate this feature!

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