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Thu, May 22

If you’ve ever bumped into a Microsoft Compiled HTML help file (the giveway is the .chm extension) and resorted to starting up a virtual machine in order to run an instance of Windows to view the file, there’s a better way…a chm viewer for Mac OS X.

Chmox is an open source application that displays chm files on Mac OS X. Viewing a file using chmox is as simple as downloading and extracting a dmg, pointing at a chm file and you are good to go.

Chmox is written in Cocoa (Objective-C) and uses both WebKit, and chmlib. If you are looking to dig a little deeper into how to work with chm files, Matthew Russotto’s site is also worth a visit. Matthew has included information on the chm file format, which you can find here.

A good way to learn more about how chmox works is to spend some time viewing the source files, which you can peruse on the chmox project at sourceforge.


A new updated version of Chmox is coming soon (with more localizations and working search..)
It’s been years since last update, so sorry for being either busy or lazy!

by Stephane on Jun 9, 2008. #

I find Chamonix better than Chmox. Though both lack page flipping shortcuts.

by kanny on Jun 9, 2008. #

Stephane — Glad to hear that a new version of Chmox will be available — and with search!! That would make me happy. I’ve used CHM Viewer for several years because it seemed to render the help files better than anything else. But, it had no search and the indexing was completely unhelpful. Chmox with search and a good index would be great.

Other .chm viewers for Mac OSX:

XCHM: Doesn’t render pretty but it does have a functional search and version 1.13 indexed pretty well. Version 1.5 doesn’t index as well

Chimp: Renders fine. Search function works. No index.

CHM Viewer: Apparently no longer available. Renders great. Index poor. No search

by Bob Allen on Jul 10, 2008. #