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Launch Applications from Terminal

by john on April 15, 2008

Launch Mac OS X applications from a terminal.

Open Terminal Here…

by john on March 25, 2008

Must have utility of for quickly opening a terminal from within Finder on Mac OS X.

Mass Rename File Extensions

by john on March 19, 2008

I recently had to rename somewhere in the neighborhood of 100+ files as I was moving code from one platform to another. Obviously, I was looking for a quick solution, and what follows is the shell (Bash) script that I (…)

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Terminal Focus Follows Mouse

by john on March 14, 2008

The followings two tips are for those who spend any amount of time in terminal windows. The first tip shows how to configure focus follows mouse, which is handy when you jump between multiple terminals. The second tip demonstrates how (…)

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Alias Command

by john on March 6, 2008

Introduction to using the alias command in a Mac OS X terminal.

Defaults Command

by john on March 5, 2008

Introduction to the Mac OS X defaults command.