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Toggle Finder Hidden File Status

by john on May 1, 2008

AppleScript code to toggle whether or not Finder on Mac OS X shows hidden files.

Launch Applications from Terminal

by john on April 15, 2008

Launch Mac OS X applications from a terminal.

Finder and glob

by john on April 14, 2008

Using Unix path pattern expansion (glob) with Finder.

Copy Finder Path to Clipboard – Tip 2

by john on March 28, 2008

Copy path from Finder to clipboard, including drag and drop support for folders within the Finder window.

Copy Finder Path to Clipboard – Tip 1

by john on March 27, 2008

Show how to copy the path of Finder into the clipboard.

Open Terminal Here…

by john on March 25, 2008

Must have utility of for quickly opening a terminal from within Finder on Mac OS X.