Actually, the Apple Remote Desktop Send Unix Command as root worked great using screencapture /Users/youUserName/Desktop/loginwindowshot.png as long as you don’t mind using two Macs and a non-free application.

It left a perfect loginwindowshot.png on your desktop, with or without the already logged in indicator depending on how you choose to get to the loginwindow. Which is why it seems so odd that attempts using ssh, cron, and launchd using the same shell command don’t work once they are running as root.

I’ve looked at the source for TimedScreenShot, and unfortunately the magic happens in a call to what I assume is a RealBasic function, so it’s still hard to see what’s happening.

by al on May 15, 2008. #

Hey, I might be working out of the parameters you are suggesting, but hey, I had a screen shot within 5 seconds (no joke). I have Timbuktu running on all my machines and it would appear that it loads right after the kernel and before logind because if you remotely connect and log out of a machine, you can remotely access the login. From the remote machine you can then do a CMD-SHFT-4 to grab the screen. I’d upload proof if I had a URL for an http://FTP...

by Geotopia on Jun 9, 2008. #

There have been a lot of good suggestions/options when one has access to two Mac systems. However, the trick here is that I am attempting to get a screenshot without the need for a second machine. It’s proving to be quite the challenge….

by john on Jun 9, 2008. #