Wed, Nov 20
Python imaging library

Alex Clark is the man behind Pillow:

The Python Imaging Library is ideal for for image archival and batch processing applications. You can use the library to create thumbnails, convert between file formats, print images, etc.

Pillow was forked from PIL to provide consistent updates and compatibility with setup tools such as homebrew on Mac.

Tue, Nov 19
Create UML diagram from Xcode project

You can create a UML diagram automagically by dragging/dropping an Xcode project onto OmniGraffle. I’ve been using this for years, and just recently tried with Xcode 5, worked like a champ.

Open source NSCollectionView replacement

Frank Gregor:

CNGridView is a (wanna be) replacement for NSCollectionView. It has full delegate and dataSource support with method calls just like known from NSTableView and UITableView.

Interesting project. Includes the caveat (which should be included in many early draft open source implementations):

The code is provided as-is, and it is far off being complete or free of bugs.

cURL library in an Objective-C wrapper

Last week I posted about an open source cURL library. Dan Wood reached out to let me know about CURLHandle:

CURLHandle is a high level Objective-C interface to the libcurl library. It was originally created by Dan Wood of Karelia Software, way back in the mists of time, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth (ok, sometime around 2001).

Mon, Nov 18
Fast Base64 encoding in C

David Lazar on his open source base64 encoding:

The C code in base64encode.c is a fast implementation of Base64 encoding. It is based on libb64, which uses coroutines to achieve speed. The nontrivial control-flow of this code makes proving it correct more challenging.

The writeup includes background information on “the proof” verifying the C implementation.

The code is available on github.