NetBeans, Java, AppleScript and iTunes – Part 1

Thu, Apr 24

A few weeks back I demonstrated how to write Ruby code inside NetBeans to control scriptable applications on a Mac, that is, communicate between Ruby and the Apple Event system. In this post, I will turn things around a bit from the previous post and use NetBeans and Java to execute AppleScript.

There is a subtle difference, in the previous post the focus was on how to write code in Ruby (inside NetBeans) using the rb-appscript bridge. This time around the approach is to work with Java and pass AppleScript code to a set of Cocoa files (classes) that will act as the bridge between our application and the Mac system.

There is one caveat – the Cocoa-Java API is deprecated as of Mac OS X Tiger. The NSAppleScript and NSMutableDictionary classes are still available, however, they are no longer on the development path within Apple. There are scripting bridges that allow you to control scriptable applications using Python, Ruby, and Objective-C. Java Native Interface (JNI) is an additional option to call platform specific code. You can read more about JNI in this technical note: JNI development on Mac OS X.

One more note, if you follow the steps in this video and the classes NSAppleScript and NSMutableDictionary are shown with lines through them (for example, NSAppleScript), this has to do with a preference setting inside NetBeans to show deprecated classes with a strike-through. You can change this as follows: From the Preferences dialog, choose Fonts/Colors; click the Syntax option; from the Language list choose Java; click on Deprecated Element; in the Effects option, choose None.

Join me in Part 2 of this tip where I” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’javascript%3AlynkVideoPop%28719%2C’)”ll show a more comprehensive (read: interesting) example where it” onclick=”return TrackClick(”,’javascript%3AlynkVideoPop%28719%2C’)”s all about controlling iTunes using Java.

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