Road to iPhone: Intro

Fri, Jun 20

Having spent the past 8 years working with mobile application development (beginning with the book Core J2ME that I wrote in 2000), it’s odd that its taken me so long to dive into developing for the iPhone. The good news is, I’m now fully engaged and plan to spend a fair amount of time writing about this new endeavor…

This is the first in what I anticipate to be a long series of posts as I ramp up on all things iPhone. The intention is to share how I am going about learning to develop iPhone applications, in the hopes it can help you.

To begin, my plan is to learn the following, in the order shown below (with Xcode, Apple’s development environment, thrown in as needed):

  • Objective-C
  • Cocoa
  • iPhone SDK (API’s)

So let me begin by pointing you to a few resources:

As you’ll see once you download a few of the docs, there is huge amount of information here. To keep things in perspective, my intention is not to revisit all the material in the documents, as much as point out the nuances that I think will be important in becoming a proficient iPhone developer.

A good example is the next post in this series where I’ll point out how to work around one of the sore spots for many who come to Objective-C from an object-oriented language, lack of support for private methods. With Objective-C there are a few tricks to "hide" methods, however, it’s really just a slight-of-hand, so to speak. I’ll explain more later.

There is a fair amount of information to digest above (assuming you are new to Objective-C, Cocoa and/or Xcode). Once you are ready for more, here is a list of additional documents to further immerse yourself:

I hope you’ll join me as learn the ropes for developing iPhone applications.


I’m definitely planning on it. I’m a longtime developer, but a recent convert to Mac, so I’m excited to learn how to program both for the Mac itself, as well as the iPhone.

by george on Jun 21, 2008. #

I’m glad you are developing for the iPhone. I’m on the same journey, having put off learning Objective-C for so long. I’ve now been through at least two of those linked documents in the past few weeks. I can’t wait to get some iPhone demo’s together for my clients. It’s a very exciting business and personal opportunity.

by Michael Christenson II on Jun 21, 2008. #