iPhone Developer Tips Coming Soon…

Tue, Aug 12

I’ve been getting a great deal of interest in the iPhone developer tips section of this blog. So much that I’ve decided to move all iPhone centric tips to another blog, you guessed it, iPhoneDeveloperTips.com.

If you have ideas, suggestions or questions that might make for good iPhone tips, pass along your thoughts by commenting here or dropping me an email.

This blog won’t vaporize, however, I am in the midst of a transition after nearly 8 years in mobile development with J2ME to move the iPhone, so the pace may slow a bit.

If you are involved in working with the iPhone or Xcode as a developer, author of a book, trainer/courseware development or otherwise working on the iPhone, send me an email if you are interested in exploring the possibility of a partnership or other opportunities for working together. It’s been a good run with J2ME, where I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of world’s most prominent names in the mobile device business. I’m ready for what’s next, and this time around it’s all about the iPhone!