Apple Developer Conference!

Fri, Mar 14

Apple has announced their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), which will take place in San Francisco on June 9 – 13th. For all those who’ve been chomping at the bit to learn more about the iPhone, this should be a great opportunity to be immersed in technology, tools and toys!

There are three tracks to choose from: iPhone, Mac and IT, each offering a unique set of events and opportunities. For example, those interested in iPhone development will have the chance to visit with Apple engineers and UI designers. You’ll also have an opportunity to talk tech with the people who made this stuff go, pretty cool!
If you are one who has a passion (or growing interest) in development on the Mac platform, the Mac Track is your gig. From information on audio tools to xCode, to troubleshooting your apps with an Apple Engineer, you’ll find it here.

If you come from the IT side of the house the Information Technology track is right up your alley. There will be demos on xSan 2 (SAN file system for Mac OS X), discussions of best-practices for deploying Leopard Server to information on scripting as it applies to automating system routines and things focused on enabling IT operations.

The prices for admission are: $1295 for an individual, $5180 for a pack of five tickets (essentially, buy 4 get one free…and if you need to find a home for that fifth free ticket, I am sure we can help :). You can purchase tickets online for WWDC here.

Sounds like a fantastic opportunity to mingle, learn and dig into all things Mac! Hope to see you there.