Dashcode 2, Beta

Wed, May 7

If you are interested in working with the next beta of Dashcode, although there is no public announcement of the beta, it is available, read on for the details…

If you are not familiar with Dashcode, it’s a development tool created by Apple for building Dashboard widgets. The 1.0x release was bundled with Leopard. Dashcode is an impressive application, with drag-n-drop support and a no-coding option for creating a widget. Of course, as with any “no coding required” statement there is the unstated disclaimer that there are limitations on how far you can take a widget without digging into some code. And on that note, Dashcode offers excellent support for both writing and debugging code that make up a widget (CSS, HTML and JavaScript).

To give you an idea of what you can do with Dashcode, the widget below is an RSS feed of this blog that was created with version 1.0x.

You can try Dashcode 1.0 if you are running Leopard by installing the developer tools on the Leopard install DVD.

Interested to try the 2.0 Beta? There isn’t a download solely for Dashcode, however, if you download the iPhone SDK, Dashcode is one of many tools included in the download. If you do not have an Apple ID, follow the link near the bottom of this page to download the iPhone SDK, where you’ll find an option to create an ID.

Important note: if you import a 1.0 project into the beta, be aware that you might be able to work in the project with 1.0 if you save the project. To get around this, save any imported project with a new name (and/or location). An additional suggestion is to install the iPhone SDK in a different directory than the default /Developer. I opted to install the beta into /Developer/Beta such that I can use both versions of the tools.

In a screencast to follow, I’ll show you how I created the widget above with Dashcode 1.0.