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Comparing Directories

by john on May 29, 2008

The typical use of diff from within a terminal (using the default Bash shell) is to compare files. However, with a little slight of hand, known a process substitution, we can use diff to compare the contents of two directories. (…)

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Working as Root

by john on May 9, 2008

Working with the root account on Mac OS X.

Changing an Application Icon

by john on May 2, 2008

Screencast on how to change an application icon on Mac OS. X

Multiple Monitors, Moving Menu Bar

by john on April 28, 2008

Working with multiple monitors is a must when doing any serious coding work. Code on one side, output on the other. No more swapping applications from the foreground to background. Mac OS X make working with multiple monitors a snap: (…)

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by john on April 25, 2008

MacFUSE is an open source project that simplifies the process of adding a file system to Mac OS X. If you’ve ever had an inclination to create a file system, or thought that a file system like “interface” would be (…)

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Launch Applications from Terminal

by john on April 15, 2008

Launch Mac OS X applications from a terminal.

Copy Finder Path to Clipboard – Tip 2

by john on March 28, 2008

Copy path from Finder to clipboard, including drag and drop support for folders within the Finder window.

Copy Finder Path to Clipboard – Tip 1

by john on March 27, 2008

Show how to copy the path of Finder into the clipboard.

Open Terminal Here…

by john on March 25, 2008

Must have utility of for quickly opening a terminal from within Finder on Mac OS X.

Mass Rename File Extensions

by john on March 19, 2008

I recently had to rename somewhere in the neighborhood of 100+ files as I was moving code from one platform to another. Obviously, I was looking for a quick solution, and what follows is the shell (Bash) script that I (…)

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Copy/Paste from Safari

by john on March 11, 2008

One thing I was accustomed to when working on Windows, was copying a section of a webpage and pasting the same into a Word document. Word did a pretty good job of keeping the formatting intact, including images, fonts and (…)

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Alias Command

by john on March 6, 2008

Introduction to using the alias command in a Mac OS X terminal.