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Reading Email as Plain Text

by john on May 13, 2008

Well, I haven’t given up on the mission to determine how to capture a screenshot of the login screen in Mac OS X. Read more here. In fact, I’ve been able to create a popup login window with a user (…)

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Change Screenshot File Type

by john on April 3, 2008

Over here I wrote about how to change the path where screenshots are stored. Another potentially handy option is to specify what file format you prefer for your screenshots. There is a surprisingly large number of choices: png, pdf, tiff, (…)

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Change Screenshot Path

by john on April 1, 2008

No question, screenshots are your friend. There is a wealth of options for capturing screenshots on a Mac, with the two most common being Shift-Command-3 (entire screen) and Shift-Command-4 (area you specify with mouse). I like to have all images (…)

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“FireBug Like” Tools in Safari

by john on March 15, 2008

Safari includes a Firebug like web-content debugging tool known as Web Inspector. Learn how to activate this tool within Safari.

Terminal Focus Follows Mouse

by john on March 14, 2008

The followings two tips are for those who spend any amount of time in terminal windows. The first tip shows how to configure focus follows mouse, which is handy when you jump between multiple terminals. The second tip demonstrates how (…)

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Defaults Command

by john on March 5, 2008

Introduction to the Mac OS X defaults command.