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Using Objective-C objects in AppleScript

by john on December 2, 2013

AppleScript certainly has its place, however, the language itself leaves a little to be desired. With that said, how can one not be intrigued by the idea of Objective-C objects in AppleScript? Don Southard: The framework AppleScriptObjC allows users to (…)

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Apple breaths new life into AppleScript on Mavericks

by john on October 28, 2013

Don Southard on AppleScript and Mavericks: Once I started to sink my teeth into some of the power-user features, though, it didn’t take long for me to really get sucked into trying out every new geeky addition, specifically all of (…)

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Toggle Finder Hidden File Status

by john on May 1, 2008

AppleScript code to toggle whether or not Finder on Mac OS X shows hidden files.

Finder and glob

by john on April 14, 2008

Using Unix path pattern expansion (glob) with Finder.

Copy Finder Path to Clipboard – Tip 2

by john on March 28, 2008

Copy path from Finder to clipboard, including drag and drop support for folders within the Finder window.

Copy Finder Path to Clipboard – Tip 1

by john on March 27, 2008

Show how to copy the path of Finder into the clipboard.

AppleScript 2.0 Language Guide

by john on March 11, 2008

It’s been a long wait, however, as of today you can now get your hands on the latest update to the AppleScript Language Guide. The copy that I’ve been using for the past 6 months is dated 1999. Yikes!

Lower Volume & Shutdown

by john on March 4, 2008

Applescript example to lower volume before system shutdown and increase volume at startup.