UIKit: NSIndexPath and row method

by john on July 29, 2008

In working with the SimpledDrillDown example in the iPhone SDK, I was walking through the code in the RootViewController class. The interface definition is shown below: @interface RootViewController:UITableViewController { DataController *dataController; } There is a method inside the class that (…)

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Objective-C: Alternative Use of Properties?

by john on July 25, 2008

While scanning a few code examples inside the iPhone SDK, I bumped into something interesting. I wrote a short example to mimic what I found…take a look at the following interface declaration: @interface SomeClass : NSObject { NSString *str; NSDate (…)

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Objective-C: Properties, Setters and Dot Syntax

by john on July 24, 2008

I’ve been ramping up on iPhone development, and with the NDA still in place (as far as I know), I haven’t been able to blog about what I’ve written/learned. And with that, it’s been quiet in here. Too get back (…)

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iPhone SDK – Final Release

by john on July 14, 2008

Looks as though the final release of the iPhone SDK is now available. Although there seems to be little fanfare with the transition from beta, this is a milestone none the less. I’ve downloaded and installed the SDK and have (…)

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CocoaHeads MN: Objective-C

by john on July 11, 2008

Lastnight was the second meeting for CocoaHeads in Minnesota . The meeting was all about Objective-C. Bob McCune , the organizer of the event, gave a talk that covered Objective-C from beginning to end. One of the most intriguing aspects (…)

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Objective-C: Private Methods

by john on July 2, 2008

Note: What follows is another post in an on-going series for developers who are interested in learning to write applications for the iPhone. The entire series can be found here: iPhone Developer . One common complaint for many new to (…)

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Objective-C: Categories

by john on July 1, 2008

As an alternative to subclassing, Objective-C categories provide a means to add methods to a class. What’s intriguing, is that any methods that you add through a category become part of the class definition, so to speak. In other words, (…)

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