Wed, Apr 29
Pattern Matching in Swift

Coding Explorer:

“Patterns in Swift are, at least to me, a strange mixture of being very powerful, simple, complex, and obvious, all at the same time.”

This post includes numerous examples of the various (and there are quite a few) patterns available Swift.

Pattern Matching in Swift

Tue, Apr 28
Intro to OS X Development in Swift

Mohammad Azam shows how to create “Hello World” app in OS X, using Swift.

Install OS X GUI Apps from Command Line


“Let’s see if we can get the elegance, simplicity, and speed of Homebrew for the installation and management of GUI Mac applications such as Google Chrome and Adium.”

Mon, Apr 27
Browse Reddit From the Terminal


“RTV is an application that allows you to view and interact with reddit from your terminal.”


Various Looping Techniques in Bash

Philip Hutchins on bash and looping through an array, sequence of values or using a counter:

“Often times you need to run the same task in bash against a number of different arguments. Loops in bash can make this very quick and easy.”

Bash Tricks and Shortcuts